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Keeping things simple – One for All

        The market for power supplies is heavily fragmented. Countless different models, each with its own special strengths, fighting for customers – finally ending up with a ‘fleet’ of power supplies stored in laboratories or test facilities, being rarely used. HAMEG Instruments concentrates on just six different models. Each of them is characterised by its universality, simple operation, compactness and an unequalled price-performance ratio. The HMP series comprises two units in the 200W class and one in the 400W class. Depending on the number of channels needed and the available budget, HMP series covers a range of 0…32V and up to 10A.
The HM8143 operates in the 130W class. With its two 0…30V/2A two-quadrant outputs, serving as current source as well as current sink, it is unique in its class. Like its predecessor model HM8142, it provides the user with an arbitrary waveform function. Additionally, the outputs can be modulated by an external voltage control. Throughout the last 20 years, thousands of users, primarily in test facilities, have successfully carried out countless applications based on this power supply – without costly set-up times.
The HM7044, featuring four identical outputs with 0…32V/3A each, is a member of the 400W class. Like other HAMEG Instruments power supplies, it has been highly requested by industrial users for the last few years. Like the new HMP series, its design is based on the classical transformer principle, utilising a high efficiency electronic pre-regulator and a secondary linear voltage regulator. This design concept stands for high output power, compact sized housing and high efficiency, combined with marginal residual ripple.
For many years, the HM7042-5 has been our best selling power supply. Featuring 2 x 0…32V/2A and 0…5.5V/5A, it became an inherent part of countless laboratories. Due to their galvanically isolated, earth-free, overload and short-circuit protected outputs, they can be operated in serial or in parallel mode to deliver high voltage or high current output. A common electronic fuse is the prerequisite for serial/parallel operation, which simultaneously shuts down all channels in case of a fault. Both, HM7044 and HMP series provide an extended, individually connectable FuseLink system.
Moreover, the HMP series is equipped with intelligent power management providing higher current values (e.g. up to 10A) at medium Voltage levels (e.g. up to 16V). Even when fully loaded, excellent noise/ripple values (150μV) are achieved. The high resolution for set and read-back values down to 1mV/0.1mA makes HMP series an ideal solution to meet highly demanding applications like semiconductor verifications. Last but not least, users can easily program individual output curves for voltage and current values using the EasyArb feature.

  HMP4030_4040  Programmable 3/4 Channel
Power Supply
3 x 0-32 V
10 A 384W max
Programmable 2/3 Channel
1 x 0-32/0-10A
2 x 0-32/0-5A
Triple Power Supply
2 x 0-32/0-02A
Quadruple High-Performance
4 x 0-32/0-3A
Arbitrary Power Supply
2 x 0-30/0-2A

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