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Modular System Series 8000

In many years of practical application…

…the HAMEG Modular System Series 8000 has proven its value to the customer. The advantages of this Modular System have been demonstrated by several 100,000 modules sold. The unexcelled price-performance ratio and the enormous flexibility of the plug-in system allow you to adapt your measurement setups quickly and cost effectively to changing requirements. You save space by stacking up to 5 instruments. This will offer you 10 instruments in a minimum of space. The top covers of the instruments feature receptacles for the feet of the instrument above. The mainframes thus cannot move and may also be stacked together with other HAMEG instruments like power supplies, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes. The blank module HM800 is available for your own designs to be integrated with the other measuring instruments. The power supply voltages necessary are available from the mainframe.Especially for schools and training centers the Modular System Series 8000 offers a cost effective flexible alternative to conventional measuring equipments. As the mainframe HM8001-2 allows the simultaneous operation of two modules in any combination most often a single such basic unit will be all that is needed for a student in a laboratory. The modules necessary will be issued to the students depending on the requirements of the specific exercise. The Modular System Series 8000 offers, in addition to the mainframe HM8001-2 and the blank module HM800, the 43⁄4-Digit Programmable Multimeter HM8012, the LCR-Meter HM8018, the 1.6 GHz Universal Counter HM8021-4, the 10 MHz Function Generator HM8030-6 and the Triple Power Supply HM8040-3.

 10MHz Function Generator 

  1.6 GHz Universal Counter  Download
 Triple Power Supply
2 x 0-20V/0.5A
1 x 5V/1A
 4 ¾  Digit Programmable Multimeter
50,000 Counts

  Blank Module
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