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   Programmable Measuring Instruments Series 8100


...are ideally suited for test installations in production and automated tests in laboratories. They support either an USB/RS-232, or an IEEE-488 interface and thus may be easily integrated in any test system. In combination with other HAMEG remote controlled instruments high performance test systems may be easily and cost effectively set up. Of course, any of these instruments can be operated manually and used in laboratories.
 The 61⁄2 Digit Precision Multimeter HM8112-3, the 8kW Power Meter HM8115-2, the LCR Bridge HM8118, the 3GHz Universal Counter HM8123 as well as the new 25/50MHz Arbitrary Function Generators Series HMF are high performance precision measuring instruments for research and development labs, industry, universities, test and production facilities as well as for the service. The RF signal generators HM8134-3 and HM8135 are high precision synthesizers with a frequency range of 1Hz to 1.2GHz respectively 3GHz. The HM8143 is a multifunctional workhorse, which combines 3 instruments in one: a power supply, a high-power arbitrary function generator and an electronic load. The 12.5MHz Function Generator HM8150 uses direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS) for the generation of stable low distortion signals and guarantees optimum performance.

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