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        HAMEG offers a wide range of accessories for its product line e.g. test leads, adapters, probes, etc. In case of questions concerning suitable accessories for your instruments, please find information here. In case of further queries please do not hesitate to contact the HAMEG sales department.
      HZ20         Adaptor BNC plug/4mm. banana socket
HZ21   N-plug with BNC-socket  
 HZ22 Feed-Through Termination 50Ω
BNC plug to BNC socket
1 GHz , 2Watt
 HZ24  Attenuators 50Ω
One set of 50Ω attenuators with 3/6/10/20dB 1GHz , 1Watt and 1 HZ22
 HZ26  BNC-T-Adaptor UG274 , 50Ω
1 BNC plug to 2 BNC socket
 Silicone Test Lead with banana plug set of 5 Length 1m.
HZ10S : black
HZ10R : red
 PVC Test Lead with test probes and sheathed banana plug Length 1m. Color red : black
 Silicone-test lead with BNC plug to miniature clamp probe
 4-wire test lead with pro and 5-pin DIN connector for HM8018

 Kelvin test lead with gold-plated Kelvin contacts , 5-pin DIN connector and shielding mass on alligator clip,for HM8018

 Kelvin test lead with SMD test tweezers,5-pin DIN connector for HM8018
 Test cable 50Ω , BNC to BNC angle connector Length 1m.
 Test cable , BNC to 4mm. banana plug Length 1m.
 HZ33 / HZ34
 Test cable 50Ω , BNC to BNC HZ33 Length 0.5m.
HZ34 Length    1m.
 HZ33S / HZ34S
 Test cable 50Ω , BNC to BNC , insulated 
HZ33 Length 0.5m.
HZ34 Length    1m.
 AC / DC Current probe 30 A
 AC / CD Current Probe 100 / 1000A    
  Differential Probe 
20:1 / 200:1
Differential Probe 1:1 / 10:1
 Differential Probe
100:1 / 1000:1
  HZ030  Probe 10:1 
 HZ020 Probe 1000:1   
 Probe 1:1 / 10:1
 Probe 10:1 / 250MHz
 Probe 10:1 / 350MHz
 Probe 10:1 / 500MHz
 Probe 10:1 / 250MHz
 Probe 100:1 / 100MHz
PT100 Temperature Probe
With  HM8012


Logic Probe for all Oscilloscopes of the HMO Series




Logic Probe

PT100 Temperature Probe
With HM8112

  HZ72  IEEE-488 Interface Cable 2 M
4 Terminal Test Fixture including Shorting Plate
for HM8118 
  HZ184  4 Terminal Kelvin Test Cable
for HM8118
  HZ186  Transformer Test Cable
(for HM8118) for transfomer measurements 
  HZ188  4 Terminal SMD Component Test Fixture (for HM8118, included in delivery) for evaluation of SMD components   
  HZ809  Test adapter for the testing and repair of insert modules for Modular System 8000 outside the basic mainframe unit HM8001-2. The module connection terminals in the basic unit HM8001-2 are pulled out 1 to 1. The insert modules can then be operated outside the unit while the housing is open.   
  HZ815  Adapter for simplified measurement of power consumption, line voltage and current consumption of mains operated consumer (3-wire grounding-type plug or European standard plug) using the  HM8115-2 power Meters.
  Carrying Case for protection and transport of oscilloscopes (HMO series) and spectrum analyzers (HMS series)
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