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Analog Function Generator

     Frequency Range : 0.2Hz~2MHz         
  Frequency Range : 0.3Hz ~ 3MHz
 Frequency Range : 0.5Hz ~ 5MHz
 Frequency Range 0.01Hz~15MHz
DDS Function Generator
       Frequency Range:0.1Hz~3MHz       
 Frequency Range:0.1Hz~7MHz
 Frequency Range : 1Hz~20MHz
 AFG-3081/3051  Frequency Range from 1uHz to 80/50MHz  
AFG-3081/3051 Frequency Range from 1uHz to 80/50MHz
 Other Signal Sources
 Frequency from 10Hz ~ 1MHz
1MHz Audio Generator   
 Frequency Range from 100kHz ~ 150MHz
(up to  450MHz on Harmonics)
150MHz RF Generator
 Freq Range 100kHz ~ 110MHz
FM/AM Generator (Stereo)
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