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Sound Level Meter and  Audio Impedance Tester
 Max. & Min. function.
 Over & Under range indication.
 4-digit LCD display with bar graph.
 Frequency weighting characteristic for 2 times per second.
 AC signal output.
 Low battery indication.
 IEC 651 Type 2 & ANIS S1.4 Type 2.

Sound Level Meter

            Audio Impedance Tester
 True measurement of speaker systems actual impedance at 1kHz
 Tree test ranges (20W / 200W / 2000W) allow testing of home theater and commercial sound
 Measure transformer impedances
 Convenient portable battery operation
 Low battery indication
 Data hold function
 Timer function for continuous hands free operation
 The timer can last about 3~5 minutes when users press TEST ON/OFF button
 IEC 1010-1 CAT III 100V

Audio Impedance Tester
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